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Tom Senior milling machine
Manuals, Brochures and Literature

Tom Senior Factory

Having restored my 1962 (Serial No.2062) Tom Senior M1 and saved it from the scrap bin, I have slowly built up a collection of Tom Senior literature.  I gathered documents over the years and found various copies of manuals, brochures, leaflets and other bits. Some similar and some different.

I don't know how many types of documents and variants were produced, or even if I have them all. There are no dates printed in the majority. The only way I guess you could date them is back tracking to the printers who have probably gone out of business. Or, going by the age of some of the models and their features or attachments. If you have any that are not featured here, I would be interested in a copy.

Below are all the ones I have. Click on them to view more info. If you wish to purchase a copy or digital copy, please contact me here for prices.

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