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Myford Rodney coupling

If you own a Myford lathe in a particularly small workshop, and you don't have the room for a standalone milling machine, then you might like to acquire a Myford Rodney vertical milling attachment. These add more capacity for milling on the lathe by converting it to a vertically driven mill. The power is transmitted via the spindle through the Morse taper through a coupling. However, as the coupling is physically a separate item along with its draw bar, these sometimes get lost during their life. Myford no longer stock or supply these parts. If you require a replacement, or you have purchased a Rodney which came without the coupling, then I can supply the missing parts. Please contact for more info.

Myford rodney
Myford rodney
Myford rodney coupling
Myford rodney coupling
Myford rodney coupling
Myford rodney drive
Myford rodney sprocket

There were a few varities of the Rodney milling attachment, all very similar with subtle differences. But they all used the same  draw bar and coupling. The plastic coupling drive sleeve came in different colours such as blue, black and white.

The main body has a driven sprocket attached the the main drive shaft.

Sleeve and sprocket on Morse taper No.2.

Complete draw bar assembly that fits in the MT2 spindle and secured in place with a nut. I made a brass washer so as not to damage the end of the spindle. I also have an aluminium spacer to get the distance right and enable tightening easier.

Original sleeve and drive sprocket.

New replacement Sleeve coupling and drive sprocket.

The new replacement drive sprocket is a soft blank and can be drilled / bored to size so a MT2 taper and draw bar can be attached.

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