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Parker pen fibre tip
Parker Cirrus fibre tip
Copy of IMAG0024

Above left: A customer's rolled gold Cirrus FT restored back to working condition.


Above right: Machining the adaptor from solid brass to suit the pen

Parker Harlequin fibre tip

Above left: A customer's 45 grey shield FT restored with new refill.


Above right: Machining the adaptor from solid stainless steel 316.

Parker 25 fibre tip
Copy of 25 FT black

Above left: 25 blue trim RB converted to take either RB or FT.


Above right: 25 black trim FT restored.

Parker 61 fibre tip

Above left: Stainless steel 65 FT gold trim


Above right: Stainless steel 95 FT gold trim

Parker Pen 75 fibre tip

Above and below: A Silver European Damier 75 FT with gold trim converted to standard Parker ballpoint refill.

Parker 75 fibre tip
T1 conv
T1 con

Above: An early 'lighter' T1 with 75 front end (with original part number imprint, possibly prototype or from Parker model shop) sits next to a later 'darker' FT / RB T1. I attempted to convert the darker one to take modern fibre tips of another brand. Not the easiest one I have done. All fibre tip refills from other manufactures are longer than the original Parker refill; hence the result is the above with the refill protruding rather far out of the front end, not the perfect result. Although I could shorten the refill but then the customer would be restricted to buying modified refills from me every time they required a new one. Another easier solution is to either extend the barrel with a gold band spacer to accommodate the length of the new refill or convert to Parker ballpoints as they are much shorter refills.

Parker Pen P35 Girlande

Above: A 1983 Girlande P35 fibre tip converted to a Slim Gel Rolling Ball. Beautiful pattern.

Below: An interesting exercise. A mint gold 105 fibre tip (which can take rollerball refills) converted to take genuine Parker Ballpoints. This was only a mock up, I would of finished it in brass to match the gold.

Parker Pen 105 fibre tip
P105 FT to BP1d

Below: I think we all forget how nice fibre tips are. This customer wanted a Sonnet rollerball converting to fine fibre tip. I was very pleased with the outcome, nice writer.

Parker Sonnet rolerball

Below: A new old stock gold Cirrus converted to Parker ballpoint with highly polished brass adaptor.

Parker Pen Cirrus fibre tip conversion
Parker Big Red fibre tip conversion

Above: A Parker Big Red ballpoint converted to fibre tip.

Above: A customers rare P75 Florance fibre tip converted to a Fisher ballpoint.

Below: Two black 2002 limited edition P51 Empire cap fountain pens. The top one is a standard FP. The one below has a new front end converting it to accept standard Parker ballpoint refills.


Below: A rare Godron P75 / P35 fibre tip converted to a genuine Parker ballpoint.

Below: Parker and Eversharp USA Presidential fibre tips converted to modern medium and fine point fibre tips.

Parker fibre tip adaptors and conversions

Parker fibre tip refill

Left: The original Parker fibre tip available in blue, black, red and green. Early versions were plastic with the later types having a steel body section. Notorious for drying out, hence having a short shelf life. Some can still be found today working, although for how long is anybody's guess. I have heard of people refilling these, although were not designed to, may get damaged and may leak. I don't feel they were great quality and I use other manufacturers fibre tips when converting pens that are still readily available and in my opinion better quality.

I am an ex Parker Toolmaker from Newhaven, England. I have had many customers from around the world send me their old fibre tip pens that they can no longer use. I make bespoke adaptors to suit your pen. Then using good quality fibre tip refills from other manufacturers, I bring your old pen back to life. Both the pen and refill stay original and are not modified in any way. I can also possibly convert your pen to ball point, GEL and rollerball if you would prefer. At the same time I can give your favourite pen a clean, in some cases remove small surface scratches / dents and tighten / straighten clips. If you have a particular type of refill you want fitted I can give it a try!


The custom adaptors protrude from the front end and I machine them to match the aesthetics of the pen. I can make them out of aluminium, stainless steel, brass, plastic and titanium. They can be brushed finish or polished. I convert many models; Touche, 25, 35, 45, 61, 65, 75, 95, 105, Sonnet, T1 and possibly others, although each model presents various limitations. I have also worked on Waterman and Sheaffer fibre tip pens.


As far as I know, I am the only person currently offering this bespoke service. Please contact me here for more information and prices which range from £20 up to £50. Try and include the model or a photo, type of refill desired, and the country you are in. Postage T&Cs here.

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