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Promotional Models

Many other Parker models were used as promotional products having company logos and images screen printed, acid etched and laser engraved on the barrel and or cap. Some had logos inserted as a decal on the end of the cap on the 'ridge top' version.


There is very little evidence the 25 had much exposure to this this process. Few examples exist.



Below: 2 x 25 BP's.

Top - plain matt white no blue printed lines, very rare.

Bottom - a promotional matt white with red screen printing on cap and barrel with '25 S'.


Photo courtesy of Graham Hogg

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Above and below: 25 FP with Smiths Crisps plus red and blue lines


Below: I found this image on the net and thought it fun to include!


Below: A Stainless steel black trim BP with Ozark air lines logo in a ridge top cap.

Below: A Stainless steel blue trim BP with Shell Oil logo in a ridge top cap.

Below: Matt white 25 BP, blue trim with 'AUDI' printed on Barrel.


Courtesy of FPN


Right: Stainless steel 25 with Manpower symbol.

Courtsey of Shaughn FPN.

Below: 25B with Nikon screen print on barrel.

Courtsey of Shaughn FPN.

Below: Matt white 25 black trim with Fortress company logo. Fortress were the company that imported and distributed the P25 in the Netherlands.

Courtsey of Shaughn FPN.

Sperry Univac

Above: Company name printed on barrel - Sperry Univac.

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