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Parker Pen 25
Parker Pen 25 green trim
Parker Pen 25

Above Blue trim from left to right: FP Mk1 flat top, FP ridge, RB flat top, RB ridge, FT flat top, BP Flat top, BP ridge with large PARKER stamp, BP ridge with small PARKER stamp, MP flat top, MP ridge.

Left: Flat top and ridge of FPs.


Below from left to right: FP MK1 flat top, FP ridge, FT flat top, RB ridge, BP flat top, BP ridge, MP flat top.... Matt black FP.

Above: Flat top and ridge of ball pens.


Right: FPs showing early nib on MK1.


Right: FP Matt white blue trim no stripes ridge top.


BP blue trim ridge top, no date code, no PARKER stamp, no logo, no blue  stripes, Possibly the rarest 25 I own!


I find these exceptionally hard to find along with the black trim pictured below.



Orange Parker 25
Parker Pen P25 orange
Parker Pen 25 orange

Left: A double set FP and BP in a nice old style robust metal box with red felt and gold trim, although probably not the box they were sold in.

Left: Brand new old stock triple set of FP, BP and MP in plastic box (unsure if original) and sales label on FP.

Left: Last but not least, the very sort after, hard to find and made for one year only 1975 -76, the Orange trim Parker 25. Some people say they are red, this may be the colour settings on their monitors when viewing photos. I can assure you they are most certainly a nice deep shade of orange.


The whole set from left to right:


FP Mk1 flat top with hole in nib and stainless steel barrel thread insert and original sales tag.


FT flat top.


BP Flat top


MP Flat top with large lead.

Left: Teaser (not Photoshopped!)


I have never found an Orange trim Parker 25 in the UK. I have however found them in America, Italy twice, Spain and Netherlands. Due to this I am starting to think they were not sold in UK, or at least, not widely available in the UK. I have acquired an Orange 25 from a collector in the UK, but they obtained it in Italy reinforcing my thought that they were for Europe and maybe further a field. Unfortunately I was too young to have even known what a pen was when they were released. So if any of you reading this can cast their memory back, if you remember seeing them for sale in the UK, please let me know?


If you thought trying to find blue, black and even green spares was hard and time consuming... forget trying to find any parts for orange!

Parker Pen 25 blue trim

Left: The all so familiar blue trim P25

From left to right FP, FT, RB, BP and MP


Parker Pen 25 black trim


Left: The slightly harder to find black trim.

From left to right FP, FT, RB, BP and MP.

Above from left to right: FP MK1 flat top, FP ridge, FT flat top, FT ridge, RB ridge, BP flat top no date code old stamp, BP ridge date code UC, MP ridge.



Left: Green trim FP, FT, RB, BP and MP. This colour is vary scarce, parts are very hard to come by.

Parker Pen 25 matte white


Left: Epoxy matt white with two blue lines printed on cap and barrel.

FP, FT, RB, BP and MP all ridge tops.


The white epoxy paint tends to oxidise and can turn an 'off' white.

Parker Pen 25 matte black


Left: Epoxy matt black with black trim.

FP, FT, RB, BP and MP all flat tops.



Hard to find in mint condition. Paint chips easy.

Above: FP flat top, FP ridge, FT flat top, RB ridge, BP flat top, BP ridge no date code old stamp, BP ridge date code UC, MP ridge.




Right: FP matt white black trim ridge top.


Hard to find.




Orange P25
Orange Parker 25

Below: A full set of mint Mk1 FP's. Displaying the hole in the early nib. All are flat top, no date codes, large broad stamp and have stainless steel barrel thread inserts.

Orange Parker Pen 25
Orange Parkr 25

Above: Orange trim Parker 25 with original box.

Parker 25 orange

1. FP - Fountain Pen

2. RB - Roller Ball

3. FT - Fibre Tip

4. BP - Ball Point

5. MP - Mechanical Pencil




Variations (Photo below)



•Stainless steel with Blue trim


•Stainless steel with Black trim


•Stainless steel with Green trim


•Stainless steel with Orange trim


•Matt White epoxy, Blue trim, two blue stripes CT


•Matt Black epoxy, Black trim 25B


•Matt White epoxy, Black trim


•Matt White epoxy, Blue trim


Promotional pens with company logos printed on the barrel, or logo decal glued on ‘ridge top’ cap.


Custom variations


•Incredibly rare Prototypes





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